Academic Office Building (AOB)

The Academic Office Building (known as the AOB) houses the School of Business and Economics and the Department of Social Sciences.

1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 49931

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Campus from Hancock at Night

Title: Emotional Intelligence and Situational Controllability in Entrepreneurial Coping with Stress Abstract: A model will be presented which suggests that higher emotional intelligence allows...

12/4 12 pm
Winter view of campus from Hancock

Title: An examination of the effect of a firm’s environmental sourcing practices on consumer’s perceptions of product quality and their willingness to pay for environmentally-friendly products....

1/23/2020 12 pm
Students on campus in the fall

Title: Novel Pursuits: The Interactive Role of CEO’s Scientific Knowledge and Scientist’s Business Knowledge ABSTRACT: While pursuit of novel innovation requires both business and scientific...

2/25/2020 12 pm

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Jodie Filpus-Paakola

Jodie Filpus-Paakola left a positive review 10/5/2016

Well attended and very useful information for current Engineering Management students and those exploring expanding their skill set with business coming from Engineering.

Academic Office Building (AOB)

Academic Office Building (AOB) posted a photo 7/22/2015