Friday, March 24

ChickenBus: A U.S. - Guatemalan Experience

Rozsa Gallery A-Space Presents ChickenBus: A U.S. - Guatemalan Experience What is a ChickenBus? A chicken bus is a bright, loud, jostling work of public...

PhD Defense: Sachin Bhosle

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Advisor: Craig Friedrich Nanotextured Titanium Orthopedic Surfaces: Manufacturing and Packaging Aspects

(Men's Tennis) Michigan Tech at Findlay

Men's Tennis: Michigan Tech at Findlay

Masters Defense: Paul Roehm

Mechanical Engineering Advisor: Gregory Odegard Minimizing Run Time of Finite Element Analyses: Applications in Conformable CNG Tank Dynamic Impact


Information session held three days per week, giving you all the necessary information on how and when to apply for OPT or CPT. Also see the website here:...

Graduating Senior Series - Handling Student Loan Payoff

Graduation is almost here...and so are your student loan payments. Find the best way to handle your student loan pay-offs in this small group conversation....

Social Sciences Brown Bag

Taking Paris Seriously: Measuring Renewable Energy Policy Output in the Americas -- Erin Pischke (with Barry Solomon & ADam Wellstead) While some countries...

PhD Defense: Yu Wang

Biomedical Engineering Advisor: Jingfeng Jiang Computational Ultrasound Elastography: A Feasibility Study

PhD Defense: Yunana Ahmed

Rhetoric, Theory and Culture Advisor: Victoria Bergvall Language, Rhetoric, and Politics in a Global Context: A Decolonial Critical Discourse Perspective...

ECE Seminar by Thomas Little, PhD

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Boston University Visible Light Communication for the Spectrum Crunch Abstract: Visible Light...

James Walker's PhD Dissertation Defense

James Walker will be discussing "Improving everyday computing tasks with head-mounted displays" on Friday, March 24, 2017 from 3:00 - 4:00 pm in Rekhi 214. ...

PhD Defense: James Walker

Computer Science Advisor: Scott Kuhl Improving Everyday Computing Tasks With Head-Mounted Displays

Masters Defense: Timucin Cakir

Geophysics Advisor: Wayne Pennington Detecting Overpressure Zones by Using Model Based Inversion in Kupe Field, New Zealand

Biological Sciences seminar

Rupsa Basu PhD Candidate, Biomolecular Microbiology Department of Biological Sciences Immunogenicity of in silico-Predicted Zika virus B cell Epitopes...

Biological Sciences seminar

Lukai Zhai, Ph.D. candidate Department of Biological Sciences A Hybrid HPV L2 Epitope Displayed on Phage Virus-Like Particles is Protective against Six...

Ducks Unlimited Annual Banquet

Our third annual banquet organized by the Ducks Unlimited Chapter at Michigan Tech will be held at the Sheldon Grill on March 24th 2017 with doors opening at...

Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team

Join us in the SDC Wood Gym for an amazing acrobatics show put on by the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team, a gymnastics troupe made up of talented young men and...

Friday, March 24