Thursday, October 3

#MHAC15:  Positioning Archaeology for the Future --15th Midwest Historical Archaeology Conference

At this conference, we will position archaeology as a sustainability science, a systematic examination of the sustainability of interactions among...

UDL Workshops: Ally- Helping Make Course Content More Accessible

Tuesday September 24, 2019 2PM - 3PM

2 pm
Bio. Sci. Seminar - Sarah Bray

Sarah Bray, MS, LGC MTU alumnus Clinical genetic counselor University of Minnesota Health Presentation Title: The impact of genetic counseling...

Little Huskies Boys' Basketball League

Learning skills, working as a team, and having fun: that’s Michigan Tech’s Little Huskies boys’ basketball league. It’s about the best introduction...

Range Day

Come join us at the SDC range to learn firearm safety and have fun shooting our various pistols. First time down is free (besides ammo) and second...

Thursday, October 3