Campus Mall

The Campus Mall is the central, outdoor area of campus that begins between the Memorial Union and the MEEM and ends at Walker. The Husky Statue; the wind harp; and several gardens featuring flowers, grasses, and boulders are all found in this space.

1400 Townsend Drive

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Fiona Chow

Fiona Chow left a positive review 9/20/2018

Long lines but it was enjoyable to talk to the different companies. I think this career day went the best so far probably because figured out how to better present myself to the companies.

Fiona Chow

Fiona Chow left a positive review 9/5/2018

This was great and really helpful!

Campus Mall

Campus Mall posted a photo 11/30/2016

Grace Kluchka

Grace Kluchka left a positive review 9/20/2016

Good event! Lots of companies. Despite the rain I would continue to have it outside, makes it easy to go to in between classes

Casey Mallo

Casey Mallo left a positive review 9/25/2016

I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the presenters and the information provided!

John Klotz

John Klotz left a review 9/14/2016

the lack of actual robotics companies was a slight disappointment.

Lee Lee

Lee Lee left a positive review 9/7/2016

Work with an aviation company is my goal. Therefore, I am euphoric to have a conversation with airplane employer.

Lee Lee

Lee Lee left a positive review 9/8/2016

I told some employer, and got much information about intern program that is really helpful.