Biological Sciences

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Undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty find solutions to biological problems—from medicine to freshwater ecosystem health and present results in classrooms, research symposia, and scientific journals. Michigan Tech students work and play in all seasons of our outdoor playground. So many opportunities to learn and excel on Innovation Shore.

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Bio. Sci. Graduate Seminar - Prajakta Kokate & Sarah Lewallen

Prajakta Kokate PhD Student Biological Sciences Advisor: Thomas Werner Presentation Title: Quantifying the Genetic Variation and identifying the Genetic mechanism(s) of mushroom toxin...

12/5 3 pm
Bio. Sci. Undergraduate Seminar - Tessa Steenwinkel & Emma Byrne

Tessa Steenwinkel Undergraduate Student Biological Sciences Presentation Title: The influence of nutrition on the interplay of fertility, fecundity, and longevity in Drosophila Abstract: A...

12/12 3 pm

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