Biomedical Engineering Events

December 8 - 14, 2019

Tuesday, December 10

Smart Materials Utilizing Mussel Adhesive Chemistry

This is a past event.

Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Prof. Bruce P. Lee Department of Biomedical Engineering Michigan Technological University Abstract:...

I-Corps Site Program, Fall 2019

This is a past event.

Take your innovation to the next level through the lean launchpad customer discovery method. Teams who complete the five week program are eligible...

Thursday, December 12

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Workshop

SURF is a research fellowship program that offers undergraduate students a $4000 stipend to work for 10 weeks on research on campus in the summer....

12/12 4 pm
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study Combining Fluid Mechanics and Chemistry

Luminescent Imaging and Chemical Flow Control ME-EM Graduate Seminar Speaker Series proudly presents: Hirotaka Sakaeu, PhD University of Notre...