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The College of Business drives innovation through experiential learning. In our seven undergraduate majors and accelerated master’s degrees, students take on real-world business development experiences. Launching businesses. Pitching inventions. Investing real money. Students in the College of Business at Michigan Tech learn by doing. 

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Bob Mark Business Model Competition

A business model competition which assesses the quality of your pitch, your innovation's value proposition and its match to the customer segment. Cash prizes to be awarded. Register in advance by...

1/29 7 pm
Toward Understanding FinTech and its Industry by Dr. Heather Knewtson, Assistant Professor in Finance, College of Business

Abstract: We define the term FinTech, differentiating it from financial technology, and use the definition to develop an industry framework. FinTech is a technological innovation that promises a...

1/31 3 pm
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Join faculty and staff from the College of Business (COB) for the 2nd Annual Winter Carnival Alumni Social. The event will take place between the men's basketball game against UW-Parkside and the...

2/8 4 pm
Brown Bag Presentation by Shan Zhou

Title: Do Renewable Portfolio Standards in the United States Stunt Renewable Electricity Development Beyond Mandatory Targets? Abstract: Building upon the literatures of policy stringency, policy...

2/11 12 pm
Students on campus in the fall

Title: Novel Pursuits: The Interactive Role of CEO’s Scientific Knowledge and Scientist’s Business Knowledge ABSTRACT: While pursuit of novel innovation requires both business and scientific...

2/25 12 pm

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