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Coursework. Group funding. Seminars. 33 faculty across eight departments. The Planetary, and Space Sciences Institute (EPSSI) at Michigan Technological University promotes research and education in interdisciplinary areas spanning Earth, its ecosystems, and intergalactic space. Through EPSSI, students pursue the PhD program in Atmospheric Sciences and a minor in Remote Sensing.

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EPSSI Seminar: Virendra Ghate, Argonne National Laboratory

Drizzle and turbulence in marine stratocumulus clouds Marine boundary layer stratocumulus clouds persist almost year-round, blanket large portions of the oceans, and reflect much greater amount of...

10/12 4 pm
EPSSI Seminar: Gareth Parkinson, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wein)

Structure and Chemistry of Iron-Oxide Surfaces Iron oxides are omnipresent in the natural environment on Earth, and have been found to exist in large amounts on our Moon as well as Mars....

11/2 4 pm
EPSSI Seminar: Hendrik Bluhm, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin

Heterogeneous Chemistry at Aqueous Interfaces Investigated with Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Aqueous interfaces govern important phenomena in technology, catalysis,...

11/9 4 pm

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