Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

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As stewards of the Earth, we lead the way to a better future. The students and faculty in The Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences studies and teaches how to balance the safety of our planet and its natural resources with the needs of society. From the field to the lab, measurement and analysis drive advancements in areas including water-supply maintenance, natural-resource management, disaster mitigation, and infrastructure design.

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EPSSI Seminar: Gareth Parkinson, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wein)

Structure and Chemistry of Iron-Oxide Surfaces Iron oxides are omnipresent in the natural environment on Earth, and have been found to exist in large amounts on our Moon as well as Mars....

11/2 4 pm
Mary Raber

Husky Bites presents Special Guest Mary Raber Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Pavlis Honors College Director of Global Leadership Co-Director of Husky Innovate Co-host Brad Turner,...

11/2 6 pm
David Shonnard

Husky Bites presents Special Guest David Shonnard Professor, Chemical Engineering Richard and Bonnie Robbins Chair in Sustainable Materials Director, Sustainable Futures Institute Co-host Felix...

11/9 6 pm
Bill Endres

Husky Bites presents Special Guest Bill Endres Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering—Engineering Mechanics Senior Capstone Design Program Director Manufacturing/Industrial (MI) Area...

11/16 6 pm
Husky icon in a lightbulb

So you've got an innovative idea that you think is great, but how can you tell if your end user or customer will want it and if it meets their needs? Join us for a workshop in which you prototype...

11/19 5 pm

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