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We are like no other–a legacy we’ve upheld for more than 125 years. The Graduate School offers 70-plus graduate degree programs: doctoral, master's, professional certificates, and online options. Our graduate student body is highly diverse, students are from all 50 states and more than 60 nations, our waterfront campus is a vibrant, multicultural community.

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PhD Defense: Kayla Riegner

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Co-advisors: Kelly Steelman and Craig Friedrich Ground Vehicle Driving Aids: Assessing Driver Workload and Performance in Degraded Visual Environments

11/19 1 pm
PhD Defense: Matthew Brege

Chemistry Advisor: Lynn Mazzoleni Extreme Molecular Diversity in Biomass Burning Atmospheric Organic Aerosol Observed Through Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry

11/19 2 pm
PhD Defense: Zhuyong Yang

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Advisor: Jeffrey Naber Optimization and Comparison of Over-Expanded and Other High Efficiency Four-Stroke Spark-Ignited Boosted Engines

11/20 3 pm
PhD Defense: Jiaqing Wang

Civil Engineering Co-advisors: Qingli Dai and Zhanping You Experimentally Investigation of Rubberized Concrete Reinforced with Different Fibers

11/21 1 pm
PhD Defense: Jianyang Lyu

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Co-advisors: Ossama Abdelkhalik and Fernando Ponta Optimization and Control of Arrays of Wave Energy Converters

11/22 8 am

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