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We design and discover new materials. Students work with faculty to produce metals, electronics, and ceramics in our foundry, microfabrication lab, powder fabrication lab, additive manufacturing lab (3-D printing). Students create for industry partners and work with machinery unavailable at other universities. Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to create Innovative products that touch lives–from bridges to car parts and everything in between.

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EPSSI Seminar: Gareth Parkinson, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wein)

Structure and Chemistry of Iron-Oxide Surfaces Iron oxides are omnipresent in the natural environment on Earth, and have been found to exist in large amounts on our Moon as well as Mars....

11/2 4 pm
Mary Raber

Husky Bites presents Special Guest Mary Raber Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Pavlis Honors College Director of Global Leadership Co-Director of Husky Innovate Co-host Brad Turner,...

11/2 6 pm
EPSSI Seminar: Hendrik Bluhm, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin

Heterogeneous Chemistry at Aqueous Interfaces Investigated with Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Aqueous interfaces govern important phenomena in technology, catalysis,...

11/9 4 pm
David Shonnard

Husky Bites presents Special Guest David Shonnard Professor, Chemical Engineering Richard and Bonnie Robbins Chair in Sustainable Materials Director, Sustainable Futures Institute Co-host Felix...

11/9 6 pm
EPSSI Seminar: Vicki H. Grassian, University of California, San Diego

Exploring the Chemistry of Environmental Interfaces The focus of this talk is on environmental interfaces which are defined as any surface in equilibrium with its surrounding environment. From...

11/16 4 pm

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