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Mathematical Sciences degree students undergo a rigorous curriculum in a vibrant environment for professional development and scientific discourse. We offer exciting programs for both undergraduate and graduate students, while providing the foundation in mathematics that is crucial to the education of Michigan Tech students.

Our faculty, along with students, model combustion in diesel engines, use advanced statistics to find the genetic basis of complex diseases, and develop communication theories needed for future quantum computers.

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Cecile Piret, Allan Struthers and Jiguang Sun will give a brief overview of some of their research interests

10/15 1 pm
Robust Statistical Procedures for Clustering in High Dimensions

Speaker: Dr. Anna Little Abstract: This talk addresses multiple topics related to robust statistical procedures for clustering in high dimensions, including path-based spectral clustering (a new...

10/18 1 pm
Third-order Conservative Sign-Preserving and Steady-State Preserving Time Integration for Stiff Problems

Speaker: Professor Yang Yang

10/22 1 pm
Summer Study Abroad Info Session

England, Scotland, Costa Rico, Greece, Peru, Germany. Ready to take your education abroad? Consider our study abroad programs. Study abroad varies from one semester to one year in length. The...

10/28 5 pm
An Alternative to the Euler-Maclaurin formula: Approximating sums by integrals only

Speaker: Professor Iosif Pinelis

10/29 1 pm

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