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The Office of Continuous Improvement at Michigan Tech provides a learning platform for faculty, staff, and students using Lean Principles and connects Lean practitioners across campus. We hold trainings, workshops, Kaizen events, and offer tools and resources. You can visit our office in Wadsworth Hall.

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Michigan Tech Lean Training: Process Mapping Workshop

The Process Mapping Workshop is a hands-on session applying the process mapping tool to a process in the participant’s workspace. The participant will receive one-on-one coaching from a Campus Lean...

10/1 9 am
 Introduction to Lean Workshop for Tech Employees

In the Introduction to Lean Workshop, you'll learn basic Lean concepts and methods you might encounter on the job. You'll learn about Lean culture and the principles of Lean thinking and...

10/22 9:30 am
Michigan Tech Lean Training: Understanding the Impact--Collecting and Visualizing Metrics to Support Improvement

Metrics help us describe what we currently know about the current situation, confirm whether an identified potential cause is contributing to the problem, and verify that our countermeasures are...

11/5 12:30 pm
Michigan Tech Lean Training: Finding the Source of the Problem--Root Cause Analysis and Decision Making Tools

When solving a problem, we must first gain a deep understanding of the current situation and set a goal condition. Then we perform a root cause analysis on the gap between how things are and how we...

12/17 9 am

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