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Crazy smart students meet the great outdoors – that’s what we do in Outdoor Adventure Programs (OAR). Through guided trips, leadership training, information sessions, equipment rental, and by working closely with student organizations to advertise and program events, Huskies enjoy life outside the lab. Some of our annual events include The Bigfoot Glowshoe, (B2B) Breakers to Bridge Paddle Festival, and the Great Northern Adventure Race. OAR gets Huskies sailing, fishing, rock climbing, biking, hiking, and kayaking– among other activities. We also help out community get active through youth rock climbing classes and junior mountain biking camps.

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Athletics and Recreation

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Bigfoot Glowshoe

Michigan Tech Student Health and Wellness and the Outdoor Adventure Program are pleased to bring you the Bigfoot Glowshoe event for the second year. The 22nd annual Bigfoot event will be held on...

2/7 7 pm

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Bigfoot Glowshoe


Bigfoot Glowshoe


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