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Students, faculty, and researchers get their hands dirty measuring, mapping, modeling, analyzing, and deploying solutions in The School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. Our bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in forestry, wildlife ecology and management, environmental science, biotechnology and molecular genetics, forest biomaterials, and geospatial technology prepare students for sustainable careers that sustain our environment.

We study, educate, and care for more than 5,000 acres of University forests on Lake Superior’s shore. We're a scholarly community on a first-name basis—ready to help students grow in research and create a career focused on the challenges facing our natural world.

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Geotour: Lavas and the Keweenaw Rift

Geological Field Experience using boat and land access to see the great lava flows of the Keweenaw Rift. Eagle Harbor, Agate Harbor, Copper Harbor and Manitou Island. How these huge lava flows...

7/21 7:30 am
Geotour: Keweenaw Fault

This is a boat/land field trip to observe the Keweenaw Fault, a great thrust fault that bisects the Keweenaw Peninsula and which is exposed at many interesting spots, including the Bete Grise...

7/23 7:30 am
Geotour: Jacobsville Sandstone and Keweenaw Bay

Keweenaw Bay is surrounded by red rocks, often forming cliff exposures. It was commercially quarried and used in many prominent buildings thoughout the Eastern US. This field excursion visits...

7/24 7:30 am
Geotour: Copper mining waste of Lake Superior Today

Gay, Big Traverse, Buffalo Reef and Torch Lake are sites we will visit and discuss on this field exploration, using both boat and land access. Mining Wastes are actively moving in the Big Lake and...

7/25 7:30 am
Geotour: Keweenaw Glacial Geology

A ice thickness of perhaps 2 miles covered all of the Keweenaw only 10, 000 years ago. The field excursion uses boat and land access points to look at the evidence and deposits of this phenomenal...

7/26 7:30 am

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