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Students and faculty collaborate to create engaging and thoughtful works of art. Degree programs prepare students for professions that wed artistic and technical knowledge with skill. Plays, art exhibits, and performances spotlight students’ creativity and innovation–putting the A in STEAM education.

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Outdoor Sculpture 2020 - Student artist Mara Hackman (Medical Laboratory Science)

UPDATE: TWO works by student Mara Hackman are now part of our online "Outdoor Sculpture 2020" gallery! Hackman's first sculpture, titled "Line," was created with a "wave of trash and flowers". Her...

Line, by artist Mykaela Cayemberg

Michigan Tech Student Mykaela Cayemberg (Civil Engineering) created this sculpture from daisies she collected at the Lake Linden Dredge as part of Lisa Gordillo's (online) Outdoor Sculpture class....

Outdoor Sculpture 2020 - Student Artist: Erin Mauk (Wildlife Ecology and Conservation)

"I used walnut tree leaves, stripped the leaves away on one side, then buried each end of each leaf stem into the dirt, to create arch-like shapes ... I was trying to accomplish the appearance of a...

Outdoor Sculpture 2020 - Student Artist: Sarah Arnold (Wildlife Ecology and Conservation)

“I've (had) a couple different reactions from my family and friends. The sculpture made all of them feel really happy and put a smile on their faces. A lot of them said that "it looks like a...

Outdoor Sculpture 2020 - Student Artist: Zoie Schafer (Wildlife Ecology and Conservation)

“I (am) particularly drawn to smaller and more confined spaces, such as between rows of corn or enveloped in the branches of a tree. Spaces such as these make me feel comfortable and safe, while at...


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