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The Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being provides a wide array of resources for students to ensure mental and physical well-being. We aim to provide support to help our Huskies achieve their full academic and personal potential. 

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Husky Hour- Motivation and Study Habits

Husky Hour presents "Motivation and Study Habits" to help you finish off the semester strong! We'll talk about how to find motivation, how to develop beneficial study habits, and how to be the best...

10/28 4 pm
Students on campus in the fall

When faced with difficulty and challenges in life, how does a person cope, adapt, and bounce back? This workshop focuses on the concept of resilience and how to build these skills and abilities to...

10/29 2 pm
Students on campus

Ready to lower anxiety and depression? Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) practices, this 4-week structured workshop will teach you skills to grow mindfulness. Sign up here:...

10/30 11 am
Autumn view of campus from Hancock

Tired of being tired, overwhelmed and behind? Mindfulness can increase joy and help eliminate the negative cycle of anxiety and connect you with your inner-self, even in the most stressful...

11/2 11 am
Husky Hour- Surviving Life Off-Campus

Get tips for cooking, laundry, housing, time management, snow removal...the list goes on! Join us for Husky Hour presents "Surving Life Off-Campus" to ease your mind about moving off-campus or to...

11/3 4 pm

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