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Auditions for The Arsonists September 18 and 19

This is a past event.

Sunday, September 19, 2021 6:45pm to 9:00pm

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This is a past event.

Gottlieb Beidermann, is a respected businessman with a wife, Babette, and a comfortable home. He is the epitome of a conventional upper class gentleman. When rumors of arsonists in the area begin to surface, Beidermann convinces himself that the normalcy of his life will protect him. Evil arsonists may be going door to door, talking their way into people's homes only to plot the destruction of those houses, but surely these men won't fool him. A dark comedy, The Arsonists explores corruption, greed, and apathy that exists in society today and how all of us are just sitting around waiting for the world to burn.

Written by Max Frisch, translation by Alistair Beaton                           

Directed by Kristy Dodson                                 

Staring Joshua Michael Levine (Off Bway Channeling Kevin Spacy

Auditions Saturday, September 18th & Sunday, September 19th (6:45 – 9pm)                                  

Location: Walker 210

OPEN CALL: Come as you are! Sides of the script will be provided for you to look over and then read for the audition. 


Babette: Beidermann’s wife, oblivious yet anxious                                                        

Anna: Beidermann’s servant, the only one who knows what is going on                         

Schmitz: a former wrestler and one of the arsonists                                                                  

Billy: a former head waiter and one of the arsonists                                                       

Police Officer: local police officer                                                                                    

Mrs. Knechtling: the grieving widow of Beidermann’s former business  partner                                                                                              

Doctor of Philosophy: one of the arsonists who is now having doubts            

Chorus of Firefighters: 3 Firefighters all attempting to save the town from the arsonists            

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