Bio. Sci. Seminar - Dr. Olin

This is a past event.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021 3:00pm to 4:00pm

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This is a past event.


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Dr. Jill Olin
Assistant Professor 
Biological Sciences
Michigan Tech

                                            Living on the Edge: Coastal Ecosystems in Changing Times

                    The frequency and intensity of regime shifts are predicted to increase in the Anthropocene as associated with concomitant increases in environmental stressors, including storms, climate change and oil spills. In coastal systems around the world, environmental stressors are influencing the ecological structuring and stability of these essential habitats. Yet, the specific effects of stressors on coastal ecosystems are difficult to predict especially at higher levels of organization such as communities and food webs, where complex interactions can attenuate or shape biological responses. Identifying the responses of communities and food webs, and the functional relationships among their occupants to changing environmental conditions, is critical for developing the appropriate strategies to maintain the ecosystem services of such habitats. In this talk I will present findings of species- and food web-level functional responses to changes in environmental regimes and how habitat use and foraging decisions shape the biological interactions of coastal communities and food webs. 

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