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Canceled: Brown Bag Presentation by Soonkwan Hong

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Thursday, March 19, 2020 12 pm to 1 pm

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Title: Of the Known Unknown: Algorithmic Consumer Culture and Reontologized Consumer Subjects

Abstract: Consumer research has been relatively taciturn about the big data-induced transformations most consumers experience on a daily basis; therefore, I provide a critique of the current state of the new socio-technical environment, relevant practices, and political economy of the big data. I focus on algorithms that encompass IoT, AI, big data, machine learning, and all other forms and functions of the fetishized assemblage. The extant literature and public discourses help identify at least three related and yet theoretically divergent stances academics, practitioners, and consumers can take responding to the highly obscure but ostensibly effective mechanism that governs almost everything without authority. I argue that an ontological overhaul is due for consumer subjects who conduct “businesses” with algorithms, and the balance is enormous because of the invasive nature of the new culture. The predictable opportunism in the forthcoming discourses and theories will converge upon the conspiratorial outlook of algorithms. Consequently, future discursive endeavors must focus on some other specific characteristics of algorithms, such as opacity, messiness, inscrutability, hyper-legitimacy, hyper-functionality, and equal distribution of accountability, that are abused and misinterpreted as the source of authority or governing power of the “hollow” system.

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