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CDOM optical properties of the eastern Bering Sea: implications for remote sensing

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Monday, September 16, 2013

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This is a past event.

Eurico J. D'Sa
Louisiana State University

Abstract: The eastern Bering Sea is one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world that sustains nearly half of the U.S. fish landings annually. There is increasing evidence that the ecosystem of the Bering Sea is sensitive to climate change with resultant impacts on the ecosystem. Chromophoric or colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) absorption and fluorescence signatures of the Pacific origin waters that flow through the Bering Sea been detected in the Arctic Ocean. However there is very little information available on the CDOM properties of the Bering Sea. Data collected from an extensive field campaign in the summer of 2008 allowed for a detailed analysis of the absorption and fluorescence properties of CDOM in the eastern Bering Sea. Analysis of the fluorescence excitation-emission data for example detected three humic-like and two protein-like fluorophores in the study area. Results of CDOM optical properties examined in the context of various water masses and their effects on ocean color data will be presented.

Host: Colleen Mouw

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