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Cori Champagne: "Apparel for the Anthropocene"

This is a past event.

Sunday, October 31, 2021, 9 am– 4 pm

This is a past event.

Apparel for the Anthropocene is presented by the Institute for Policy, Ethics and Culture at Michigan
Technological University from October 10-31 in the Upper Atrium of the U.J. Noblet Forestry Building.

An opening reception will be held on the Lower Atrium of the Forestry Building on Thursday, October 14 from 4:30-6:30.

Cori Champagne is best known for her garments and attire which transform into temporary shelters. Crossing
borders, fleeing climate extremes, transitioning to a new life – her body of work responds with an adaptive
design solution intended to manage challenging conditions.

Apparel for the Anthropocene presents four ensembles from this series. Gulf/PR addresses the needs for
flood-prone areas and subsequent repair and rebuild, Tsaile provides protection needed in areas experiencing
desertification, and Shishmaref and Lukeville consider the needs for shelter and mobility during rapid

In her artist statement, the artist notes, “I create clothing for conditions no longer comfortably futuristic.
Garments convert to soft shelters; clothing anticipates climate issues. What can be worn can become the
architecture of sanctuary.

My work addresses the climate crisis from a pragmatic standpoint. It imagines that abrupt circumstances can
be prepared for and solutions developed for the needs of shelter, mobility, and protection – and that clothing
worn could transform and provide it. I create hand-made apparel from readily available materials for a
changing world.”

Cori Champagne’s work has been exhibited all over the US; both as an independent artist, and in collaboration
with the artist collectives Bunny Sandwich Collective, and ArtShape Mammoth. While part of the Bunny
Sandwich Collective, she was a recipient of grants from The Puffin Foundation and The Barbara Deming Fund
for their “American Nomads” project.

Currently, she is a member of Boston Sculptors Gallery, and preparing for a 2022 solo exhibition. In addition to
her studio practice, Cori is adjunct faculty at Boston Architectural College, in the School of Architecture, and is
a program administrator at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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