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DENALI: Music and Art Inspired by Wilderness

This is a past event.

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Saturday, April 17, 2021

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This is a past event.

What do you get when you set nine composers loose in Denali National Park? You get nine great pieces of music! Give this music to artists as inspiration and you get eighteen great pieces of art! In conjunction with the A-Space Gallery exhibit, "DENALI: Artists respond to music inspired by wilderness", participants of Composing in the Wilderness, a shared wilderness experience for adventurous composers and members of the Elements Artist Group will discuss the collaboration, share performances of the music and images of artwork in a virtual music and art experience.


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Denali: Music and Art Inspired by Wilderness - YouTube Playlist with Conversations

Composing in the Wilderness: Music Inspired by Denali National Park - YouTube Playlist with Music Only


Free.  This event will stream by clicking on the Virtual Event or YouTube links above,  or if you would like a more interactive viewing experience, the event will also be available on the Rozsa Facebook page.


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