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Fields of Opportunities in a Growing World

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Thursday, September 28, 2023, 4 pm

This is a past event.

ME-EM Graduate Seminar Speaker Series

proudly presents

Danan Dou, PhD

John Deere Fellow and SAE Fellow
Chief Technologist (Power Systems)
John Deere Power Systems


Delivering equitable access to food, energy and economic prosperity while curtailing the global greenhouse gas emissions presents an unprecedented challenge and an enormous opportunity for innovation. A holistic examination of technically viable renewable energy solutions will be discussed in the context of cradle to grave impact to environment, overall energy efficiency, and measurable value to end customers. Attributes and limitations of leading solutions will be compared against the backdrop of agricultural applications with considerations to natural resource inputs, food and fuel production, and greenhouse gas emissions. While multiple incrementally deployable solutions are necessary to realize the global decarbonization goal, adoption rate and acceptance of different renewable energy sources and powertrain solutions will differ by economic sectors.

More diversified product offerings will emerge in the marketplace with more deliberate application targeting where the new technology makes the most sense. Strategies to the balance use of natural resources and their coupling with technologies as they mature over time provide a roadmap to deployment. Growing availability and cost competitive high energy renewable liquid fuels remain key to maximize decarbonization of off-road. Close collaboration of energy providers, equipment manufacturers, and regulators with the end consumers in mind will ensure success to the environment, economy, and society at large. Technology neutral policy and stable regulatory framework are critical on this sustainable journey to achieve food security, equitable access to energy and natural resources, as well as long term investment towards the energy transformation.


Danan Dou received his PhD in Chemistry from University of New Mexico. He worked on emission reduction of combustion engines for 11 years before joining John Deere in 2006. Danan has served as the manager of Aftertreatment Technologies and the manager of Advanced Power Systems Engineering until 2020. Currently, he is the Chief Technologist of John Deere Power Systems. Danan is a John Deere fellow and an SAE fellow.

Invited by: Jeff Naber

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