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Framed by Frames Student Photography Exhibit

This is a past event.

Saturday, April 28, 2018, 6 pm– 12 am

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This is a past event.

Four Michigan Tech students are featured in a photography exhibit hosted by the Copper Country Community Arts Center’s Kerredge Gallery now through April 28th. Each artist presents their own themed body of work: Tristan Kolb “Odyssey of the North”; Bryan Lowney “Backpacking on Isle Royale”; Nathan Shaiyen “Conversations”; and Peter Zhu “In the Frame.” The exhibit is curated by Dr Stefka Hristova who is Associate Professor of Digital Media in the Humanities Department at Michigan Tech University. She states, “This exhibition features the photographic work of current and former Michigan Tech students from a wide range of majors including Communication, Culture, Media, Electrical Engineering, Materials Sciences and Engineering, and Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences. It offers an exploration into the people, places, and objects that students encounter on their journeys on campus and beyond. These visual selections provide glimpses at sources of perseverance and patience. Meticulously craft the photographs in this exhibit act as framing windows for sites of inspiration.”

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