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India's Place in Precambrian Supercontinents: A latitudinal Study

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Monday, September 12, 2011

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This is a past event.

Joe Meert
University of Florida

In recent years the continent of India has been the focus of intense paleomagnetic research. There are myriad reasons for this interest. First, most paleomagnetic studies in India were conducted using rudimentary techniques and equipment. Many of the early studies did not apply stepwise demagnetization or field tests. In some cases, results were simply interpreted in terms of 'expectations' and data were relegated to secondary importance. Secondly, India contains target rocks that are both undeformed and unmetamorphosed making it relatively unique in terms of its 'paleo' neighbors such as Antarctica and the East Africa. Thirdly, new radiometric dating methods for mafic dykes provide age constraints on our paleomagnetic data. Lastly, the infrastructure required for geological studies in India has improved dramatically. My talk will review our work in India and its implication for the reconstruction of past supercontinents such as Columbia, Rodinia and Gondwana.


Host Aleksy Smirnov

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