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Michigan Tech Art Presents: Me, You, and Us

This is a past event.

Friday, February 24, 2023, 8 am– 8 pm

This is a past event.


Me, You, and Us


A-SPACE HOURS: M-F 8 A.M.-8 P.M. | SA 1-8 P.M.


Driven by themes of introspection, memory, and human connection, together we’ve created a series inspired by different experiences in our own lives that we feel are more universal than subconsciously realized. We all share a desire to bring people together to reflect on things that shaped us throughout our lives; imagery from childhood, our present lives, and where we imagine the future will go. At a major transitional period of our lives, we find ourselves looking back to who we were, looking at who we are now, and dreaming about who we want to be. These snippets from our lives are an opportunity to see our reflections, you looking at it, and us looking at it together as we grow to understand each other a little bit better.

Content Considerations // mentions of sexual assault (SA) and suicide.


Bobbie Desgrange is an artist, sourdough lover, and arcade enthusiast from Lansing, Michigan. They love to use their hands to sculpt and shape both pretzels and different media to create pieces of art that hopefully spark the conversations that are hard to have sometimes. Their work focuses on the uncomfortable parts of being a human, from menstrual cycles, sexuality, and trauma. 

Maisie Whitaker is an artist and student originally from Hart, Michigan. She uses art as an opportunity to work with an organic and freeform approach often with disciplines in fiber arts and painting. In her creative process, She explores the commentary on intention and meaning in the art community by engaging with her audience on their personal interpretation of her pieces. She looks to encourage everyone to express themselves best through the many mediums of art and creativity. 

Madi Wentela is a sculptor and theatre creator from Stafford, Virginia. She is currently working towards a degree in Theatre and Entertainment Technology from Michigan Technological University. Madi is passionate about storytelling and the impact of childhood memory on adult life; her work frequently features imagery from her childhood and often works to satisfy the aesthetics of her younger self.

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