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MTU League of Legends Club Fall 2016 Tournament

This is a past event.

Saturday, November 12, 2016, 8 pm– 2 am

This is a past event.

LoL Club Tournament Rules

Put on with the help of the Campus Café and Dining service. Food and location provided by Dining Services. It is provided by your fellow students and Campus IT.

Registration Closes November 7th at 11:59:59 p.m. EST.
MANDATORY Check-in at Riot Event Page Closes November 11th at 7:59:59 p.m. EST.
Links are at the end of this post

0.0 – Official set up begins at 6:30 PM November 11, 2016.

0.1 – Player and Team set up begins at 7:30 PM November 11, 2016.

0.2 – Matches officially start at 8:00 PM November 11, 2016.

0.3 – Technical delays may push back these times. These times are always subject to change.

1.1 - Only current MTU students can participate in tournament (***Event Organizer(s) are not eligible***).

1.2 - All games are to be played on North American Servers.

1.3 - Players must register with their school-provided email address.

1.4 - Each participant must be in good standing within the game.

1.5 - Each person must bring their own computer. Limit is one (1) laptop or desktop with one (1) monitor. Please be courteous to others and keep your monitors to the reasonable size of less than 24-inches. Power is the largest concern, but space is also an issue. Laptops are heavily preferred (Use minimum settings for smoothness in game).

1.5.1 – The computer supplied must work. We will have limited tech support on site in English, but if your computer cannot be fixed within a reasonable time-frame (as determined by the IT and Management staff) you will not be able to play. Your team may continue without you – If a player is able to get their computer working, they may rejoin their team at a later match.

1.5.2 - A working computer is defined as having but not limited to all of the following: Working hardware, working software (OS), a patched / current League of Legends client, a working RJ45 Port (Internet port), working drivers, appropriate hardware (mouse, keyboard, etc). Tech support will be supplied as available. This is important: PATCH YOUR LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CLIENT BEFORE COMING TO THE TOURNAMENT.

1.5.3 – A computer without an RJ45 / Wired internet connection port must use wireless internet. The player will then be responsible for their connection stability.

1.5.4 - Each person can bring whatever mouse/keyboard they choose, but if they intend on any sound, they MUST bring headphones. No speakers allowed.

1.5.5 - If possible, teams should bring routing capability for their five members; either 2 standard 4-port switches or one bigger switch. DO NOT BRING A ROUTER. - If you are using routers and not switches, you must turn off DHCP and Wireless Capabilities. If you need assistance with either of these, you must come to setup at the beginning of the setup time. There will not be time to fix this after the tournament has started.

1.5.6 - Each person should bring their own Ethernet cord to connect to the network. We have limited cables.

1.5.7 - Each team should bring a power strip and extension cord for their systems to be plugged into. Last year we used every extension cord Facilities had, and we don't want to run out. Please feel free to bring extras for others to use as well. Make sure to mark your own property as yours.

1.6 - Each participant must own at least 16 champions in order to play (Tournament Draft Elligible). Free champions may be banned.

1.7 - Champions may be required to be auto-banned. This decision is made at the sole discretion of the Organizer. Decisions are final. Auto bans cannot be picked and therefore do not need to be banned by any team.

1.7.1 – In the event that an auto-banned champion prevents a player from having 16 champions, and therefore playing tournament draft, that player will be considered ineligible (Exception, see rule 2.2).

1.8 - If a player is banned during the tournament, their team would no longer meet the eligibility criteria and must play without that player, or voluntarily forfeit.

1.9 - Tampering with the network/power cables, equipment, pause griefing in game, or tampering with computers belonging to other teams may result in team disqualification.


2.1 - All matches will be held using Tournament Draft mode, and Tournament Draft requires 16 owned champions. This is to ensure fairness and limit cheating and/or DC griefing.

2.2 - Any team with a player having an insufficient number of champions must get their opponent to agree to non-tournament draft mode. If they do not agree to the change of mode/rules, then the offending team must play without their ineligible players.

2.2.1 – If non-tournament draft mode is selected, both teams therefore accept risk of disconnects without the ability to pause.

2.3 - Picks and bans are to be done in the lobby. This is to prevent the possibility of a DC preventing a ban or pick.

2.3.1 – Picks and Bans should be screenshot to verify there have not been any changes if the lobby must be remade. These screenshots do not need be submitted; they are for if arbitration is required (see section 5.10).

2.3.2 – Bans in queue (after the lobby) need not be the bans chosen. They cannot however be the picks of the opposite teams. Picks need not be in the same order as in the queue. Picks cannot be different in queue than they were in lobby (IE picking Teemo instead of Lucian).

2.3.3 – In the event of a remade game for whatever reason, picks and bans must be the same as the previous game

2.3.4 - If picks/ bans were interrupted, continue where they left off when you resume. Picks and bans are final.

3.1 - Prizing is provided by Riot in-game to follow and Dining Services to follow.

3.2 - Prizing provided by Dining Services is subject to change.

3.3 - Riot prizes are subject to Riot's changes.

3.4 - Prizing is listed below (subject to change!!!)

1st Place-4th Place: To be deteremined and distributed by Riot.

5th Place: 1 order 7' Pizza, each player, each week, for 4 weeks

6th Place: 1 order Cheese Curds, each player, each week, for 4 weeks

7th Place: 1 order Jalepeno Cheese Curds, each player, each week, for 4 weeks

8th Place: 1 order Bosco Sticks, each player, each week, for 4 weeks

9th Place: 1 order Onion Rings, each player, each week, for 4 weeks

10th Place: 1 order Tater Bucks, each player, each week, for 4 weeks
4.0 – TEAMS

4.1 - Players cannot compete in more than one (1) team.

4.2 - Each team can only have up to 2 players from the MTU Collegiate Team (substitute player also counts)

4.3 - The player who creates a team will be that team's captain, and will be responsible for:

4.3.1 - Choosing picks and bans

4.3.2 - Submitting lineups and final screenshots upon match completion. Screenshots must be emailed by captains to the event Organizer after the victory. - Failure to submit results on time results initially in a warning, and the opposing team's submitted results will be counted as verified. Continued failure to do so may result in disqualification. - Screenshots should encompass the entire Match Summary screen, as well as your computer's clock. It is suggested that upon each match completion, more than one person record a screenshot in case the team captain's screenshot fails.

4.3.3 - Team captain is responsible for paying the $35($7 per player) registration fee at the Campus Cafe. Cash and Check will be accepted.

4.4 - If the team captain is not playing in a game, the team must appoint someone who is playing to act as the temporary captain, and fulfill their captain's duties.

4.5 - All players in each game must be on their appropriate team. Using "ringers" or players not on the submitted team roster will result in automatic loss of the game and tournament disqualification. If substitutions need to be made, the substitute must meet the eligibility requirements and the substitute must present him/herself at the beginning of the tournament.

4.6 – Each team is allowed one (1) substitute player. This player is allowed in the gaming area. Spectators are not. We will provide a specific spectating area (near the big TVs) where spectators are able to watch a single displayed game.

4.6.1 - For prizing, the players whom are part of the team in the final match of placement (IE, the match that determines prizes), whether subs or main players, receive the prizes.

4.7 - Failure to field a full team (5 players) after the picks and bans period results in that team either forfeiting voluntarily, or playing with however many players they can field.

4.8 - For teams wishing to use a VoIP chat client, Skype will not be allowed as it causes issues. Ventrilo and Mumble services may be allowed at Coordinator / IT discretion.

5.1 – Spectators are allowed ONLY in the Spectating Area.

5.2 - Teams will be split up into the brackets as determined by the Event Organizer

5.3 - Matches will be played in double-elimination format of Summoner's Rift.

5.4 – Games may not be played on the test realm.

5.5 - For both match-ups, bans and picks will be standard draft style (1-1-1-1-1-1 bans and 1-2-2-2-2-1 picks) with the "Home" or top team getting first ban/first pick and choice of side.

5.5.1 – The Home team is defined by the ‘top’ team as displayed by the bracket.

5.6 - In order to ensure fairness, each team will responsible for pausing the game in Tournament Draft should their player(s) disconnect.

5.6.1 - It is the responsibility of both captains to ensure Tournament Draft mode is selected.

5.6.2 - If an entire team disconnects, it is the other team's responsibility to pause once they have been thus informed of the disconnect. Refusing to do so in grounds for a disqualification.

5.7 - Your team will be responsible for gather your food and beverages from the dining area and bringing them to your table.

5.8 – Lost property found by the League of Legends Club will be collected. An email will be sent to all registered players to identify and claim the objects. Objects not claimed within a reasonable time will be given away.

5.9 – All players are responsible for knowing the rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

5.10 – All rules and conflicts are subject to arbitration by event Organizer. Organizer reserves right to override any rule listed here as deemed fit or necessary. Organizer word is final.
6.0 - By signing up for the tournament you agree to the following terms:

6.1 - I do hereby fully and forever release and discharge, covenant not to sue and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Michigan Tech Dining Services, its representatives and staff, Michigan Technological University (MTU), its Board of Control, employees, and agents from and against any and all personal or bodily injury, death, property damage, claims, demands, damages or rights of action, present or future, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out of my participation in the program.

6.1.1 –The above terms further apply to the League of Legends Club, Riot Games, and on-site IT staff.

After you have read all of the above and agreed, please click below to proceed to registration. If you are a solo player looking to be placed on a team, click on this

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