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Multi-disciplinary Colloquium by Dr. Luca Bindi

This is a past event.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 4 pm– 5 pm

This is a past event.

“Impossible Crystals Fallen from the Sky”

The incredible story of the discovery of naturally occurring quasicrystals.


Dr. Luca Bindi earned his Ph.D. in Mineralogy and Petrology from the University of Florence and Perugia. In 2014 he earned habilitation and the rank of full professor of Mineralogy and Crystallography, also at the University of Florence, where he continues to teach and conduct research, particularly in the area of complex crystal structures. From 2006 to 2011 he also served as Main Curator of the Division of Mineralogy of the Natural History Museum of the University of Florence (NHMUF). The mineral lucabindiite was named in his honor in 2011, and in 2018 the Aspen Prize was awarded to Bindi and colleague Paul Steinhardt for the discovery of natural quasicrystals.

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