Outdoor Sculpture 2020 - Student artist Mara Hackman (Medical Laboratory Science)

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Outdoor Sculpture 2020 - Student artist Mara Hackman (Medical Laboratory Science)

UPDATE: TWO works by student Mara Hackman are now part of our online "Outdoor Sculpture 2020" gallery!

Hackman's first sculpture, titled "Line," was created with a "wave of trash and flowers". Her sculpture follows the path of a stream near her home. To make this sculpture, Hackman walked her favorite nature trail and gathered the trash she found along the way. She gathered flowers from the trail and her garden, and combined them into this wave to "signify life and repair." She hopes people will look at this piece and think about both the beauty of nature and the destruction humans can cause.

The second scupture is titled "Space," as described by Hackman, “I started off by blowing up 240 balloons and started by tying (them) together. You think 240 balloons is a lot, and they almost completely filled up my grandma's living room - but once I took them all outside in the field, the balloons looked small. The field was very spacious. I did different things with the balloons, pilled them up and made a line, and randomly had them spread out around the field.

I took inspiration from Tierra (2013) by artist Regina JoseGalindo. In Tierra, (the artist stood) in a field as a bulldozer dug out around here leaving less and less space. Having balloons staked around me, made me feel claustrophobic and I felt all this pressure around me. That is where I came up with the idea that all these balloons and their different colors represented the different pressures of my life … which is represented by the balloons surrounding (my sister) Kylee and only leaving her boots left.” 

We will feature new student art work each week.

View Artist Mara Hackman''s work in the Outdoor Sculpture 2020 collection here

About the Outdoor Sculpture class:

This class is taught by Lisa Gordillo (VPA). This is Michigan Tech’s first fully-online sculpture class. Students focus on making works or art outside, and use the landscape around them as their studio. Because we’re several months into “social distancing” and many folks are longing for connection, Gordillo worked to make a class that creates connections with community (even at a distance). Student sculptors consider art, ecology, and social connection as they make new works of art this summer.  For more details, view the VPA blog post here

Tuesday, August 11

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