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Photography in Black and White Keynote and Reception - Nick Brandreth,

This is a past event.

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Thursday, April 7, 2022, 5 pm– 7 pm

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This is a past event.

Photography in Black and White

Apr 6 - Apr 30 Copper Country Community Art Center
The exhibit explores truth and manipulation in relation to photography. It features the analog photographic work of Michigan Tech students and Alumni. 

Keynote and Reception - Nick Brandreth, Photographer and Artist

Apr 7, 5-7pm Copper Country Community Art Center
Nick Brandreth is internationally recognized as a master of photographic process, with a decade of experience as the Historic Process Specialist at the George Eastman Museum. His extensive research on the evolution of historic and alternative photographic processes has made him a sought-after teaching artist and enabled him to develop a diverse and innovative bodies of work using techniques like dry plate glass negatives, handmade early-20th-century-era motion picture film, Lippmann color plates and holograms to name a few. Brandreth creates unique photographic objects and apparatus to display and interact with his work. Brandreth taps into his deep knowledge and expertise of photographic process and combines them with a love for horror and the macabre as well as the histories of photography and cinema to create a surreal landscape of work that explores the ideas of time, fear and the unknown. Using 3D printers, simple lenses, electronics, bookbinding and woodworking techniques, Brandreth’s art spans a range of mediums. His handmade works are seductive and utterly uncanny. Brandreth strives for his work to be cinematic, intimate, interactive and engaging.
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