This is a past event.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

This is a past event.

The Puppet Project is an initiative to introduce and establish the art of puppetry into our local culture through education and performances.  The workshops/classes are offered by Trish Helsel, Associate Professor of Theatre, Michigan Technological University.  

Students of all ages will learn to construct and manipulate various types of puppets.  With themes provided by local poets Hugo Gordillo and Kelsey Carriere, the puppets will come to life telling stories of plants, animals, and music!

Classes are carefully designed for the age groups/school grades designated.  Please register your child for the appropriate group.  Grades are “rising,” meaning the grade they will enter this fall.  A parent or guardian must be present for classes and the recital for children younger than Kindergarten age.

Classes are offered in the Ballroom at the Copper Country Community Arts Center, 126 E. Quincy Street, Hancock.   Dress for mess!  We recommend you bring a water bottle, especially for longer sessions.

The Saturday Recital (and rehearsal) will be at Michigan Technological University, in the McArdle Theatre, 2nd floor of the Walker Arts and Humanities Center.  Wear dark clothing to make your puppets stand out better!

Registration fees cover materials and instruction, and vary by age group.

Toddlers - 2nd Grade $20
3rd-12th Grades $25
Adults $30

All registrants must sign a Michigan Tech waiver form.

For more information, contact Trish Helsel:  (906) 487-3283,

This event is sponsored by K.C. Bonkers.



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Located in Walker 207.

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