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Tech Employee Lean Training: Process Mapping Workshop

This is a past event.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 9 am

This is a past event.

The Process Mapping Workshop is a hands-on session applying the process mapping tool to a process in the participant’s workspace. The participant will receive one-on-one coaching from a Campus Lean Facilitator to map out the activities or steps involved in a process. Making the process visible and discussing it with others, including the customer who receives the product or service created by the process, has many benefits. It documents knowledge about how to do the process, which may currently exist only in the minds of one or two key people.It also allows you to measure how long the different steps in a process take.Through observation and discussion, the best way to do each step in a process can be determined and the work can be standardized, improving overall quality.Finally, analyzing the process as a whole enables you to identify opportunities to create a safer work environment and improve the process by eliminating waste. The workshop will take about 6 hour total on October 2 and 4. You can choose blocks of time that are convenient for you. To register:

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