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Tech Theater Auditions - On the Verge

This is a past event.

Thursday, September 13, 2018, 6:50 pm

This is a past event.

Michigan Tech’s “Tech Theatre Company” will hold public auditions for On the Verge, on Tuesday, Sept 11, Wednesday, Sept 12, and Thursday Sept. 13, in the McArdle Theatre, Walker 207, on the 2nd Floor of Michigan Tech’s Walker Center for Humanities and Art, at 7:00 PM each night.

Please arrive by 6:50 to complete Audition Form.

Parts available

Three Women (an ensemble together in most of the scenes), all physically energetic, active and verbally agile.

  • Mary
  • Alex (Acoustic Jazz Guitar +)
  • Fanny (Dance +)

One to Eight Men

  • Alphonso – German Airman (Accent) Scene 6
  • Grover – Ghost of Grover past Scene 8
  • Yeti – An Abominable Snow Man (growls and drools on cue) Scene 11
  • Troll – A Beatnik Poet (?) from the Actors Studio Scene 12
  • Mr. Coffee – Man in elegant white suit – out of a Faulkner novel, or a Tennessee Williams play Scene 16
  • Madam Nhu – In drag or not a Dragon Lady Unit 18
  • Gus – country gas station attendant of the 50’s Scene 18
  • Nicky – a jazz singer (1 song) and piano player (1 piece) in an expensive nightclub (Dance) Scene 19 and 22

Possibly set changers/Attackers

  • Sherpa, Barer, Guide (Scene Breaks) – also can play monster, pirate, Kali the god of destruction, during battle Scene 9

Notable Dates

  • Performances: December 5,6,7, and 8 (Final)
  • Dress: December 2 (Tentative)
  • Tech: 28 November – December 2 (Tentative)
  • Pick up runs: November 25, 26, and 27
  • Runs: November 11-15
  • Rehearsals: Depending on role, 1 to 5 calls per week from September 23 through November 8 (Subject to change based on progress)
  • Table Rehearsal:  September 16, 7pm
  • Calls: 7-10 pm scheduled weekly – email notification from SM
  • Private Coaching for Singing, Playing, and Dancing: Arranged

Prepared Auditions
Memorized Auditions from the play may be a monologue or a scene played with one other actor. Preferable a 90 second monologue or a three-minute scene. If you want to sing, try a 50s – 60s pop song from the repertoire of a singer like Tony Bennett songs. Vaya Con Dios My Darling, Vaya Con Dios My Love; Bad Boy; There Goes My Baby / Movin’ On Down the Line are used in the show. Check out YouTube for samples. Dance and singing auditions will be held at callbacks.

Everyone will read from the script. Both monologs and short scenes will be selected. They will be read on the Sept 11 and 12 . Callbacks will be on the Sept 13 .

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Located in Walker 207.

  • Ben Caithamer

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