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The Increasing Importance of Ammonia for U.S. Air Quality

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Monday, November 3, 2014

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This is a past event.

Jeff Collett
Colorado State University

Because it is not a regulated pollutant, routine measurements of atmospheric ammonia are rare in the United States. This situation persists even though ammonia is known to be an important contributor to several air quality problems. Included among these are formation of fine particles that contribute to visibility degradation and adverse health effects and contributions to excess reactive nitrogen deposition to sensitive ecosystems. With the USEPA now considering whether to begin regulating ammonia, this talk will review observations from our own work and other available studies concerning ammonia concentrations and deposition in the United States, examine the role ammonia plays in promoting or limiting fine particle formation in different environments, and compare relative contributions from oxidized and reduced nitrogen species to U.S. reactive nitrogen deposition.

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