George Paasewe

George Paasewe

Adjunct Instructor, Sociology

Bryant & Stratton College


George Paasewe is an educator, entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. Professionally, George is a sociology and career development professor at Bryant & Stratton College in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. As an author, George has published five books. Three are children’s books are titled Grant Me Serenity, Lyla’s World, and One Day, I Will Become an Alpha. His other two books are his best-selling book, How Black College Students Learn Code-Switching and the second edition. As an entrepreneur, George founded Educare Publications, a book publishing company that integrates publishing inside the classroom and workplace settings.

As a public speaker, George travels across the nation to present to different colleges and universities on the concept of code-switching to raise awareness of what it is and how it is learned and to help students and staff members identify its adverse effects. Specifically, George educates students on developing their self-concept on code-switching for them to utilize the tool on their terms and for the right reasons. Most importantly, George shares strategies for advocating for social change, inclusion, and acceptance of individualism on campus. George aims to help higher education institutions refine their diversity, equity, and inclusion practices to foster a safe, welcoming, and inclusive campus for students and staff of all backgrounds.