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The Graduate Student Government (GSG) serves graduate students in several important ways. Acting as a liaison between the administration and grad students at Michigan Tech, we advocate on students' behalf, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

GSG also works for the enrichment of the intellectual and professional lives of grad students through GSG-sponsored Academic Events such as the Lunch-n-learn Lecture Series, the Graduate Research Colloquium (Poster & Presentation Competition). With a generous grant from the Graduate School, GSG also awards travel grants to selected students for presenting at conferences. Each year GSG also presents awards for Exceptional Graduate Student Scholar, Exceptional Graduate Student Leader, and Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor, honoring the recipients publicly at the Graduate Research Colloquium banquet. With the Lunch-n-Learn series, GSG sponsors several brown-bag professionalization seminars per semester.

GSG also organizes and sponsors a series of Social Events and assists with Fall an Spring Orientation for incoming graduate students. These events provides opportunities for grad students from every department to encounter others not only from other academic disciplines, nations, and cultures. By encouraging students to share their diverse personal histories and academic experiences, GSG helps focus and unify the voice of the graduate student community so that it can more accurately and powerfully represent students' interests to university administration.

Ultimately, building a strong graduate student community helps GSG to better advise the Dean of the Graduate School, the Provost, and the Board of Control about issues of interest to graduate students. With representatives from every graduate department on campus, and with liaisons to most major standing university committees, the GSG plays an integral role in shaping the graduate experience at Michigan Tech.

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