Minerals and Materials Engineering Building (M&M)

The Departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering are in this building, as is the College of Engineering’s office. The lakeshore section of the M&M building has more than 80 labs, and the undergrad labs on the sixth floor include a scanning electron microscope facility. The M&M building has one of the few university-run foundries in the nation, and it houses three cutting-edge biomedical engineering research labs: the Regeneration and Repair, Engineered Biomaterials, and Biosensors Laboratories.

1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 49931

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EPSSI Seminar: Dr. Stephen Techtmann, Michigan Tech

Marine Microbial Biosignatures of Geospatial Location in Ship Microbiomes Microbe are ubiquitous in the world’s oceans and important players in biogeochemical cycling. Distinct environmental...

11/26 4:05 pm
Forming Ice from Supercooled Liquid Water

Our Weather Depends on a Materials Science Problem Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Prof. Raymond A. Shaw Department of Physics Michigan Technological University Abstract: Our lives...

11/27 11 am
EPSSI seminar: Dr. Becky Alexander, University of Washington

Climate driven changes in the oxidation capacity of the atmosphere The oxidation capacity of the atmosphere determines the lifetime and fate of most reduced trace gases in the atmosphere, and is...

12/3 4:05 pm
EPSSI seminar: Dr. Juliana D'Andrilli, Montana State University

Global Organic Carbon Cycling Patterns from Ancient and Modern Polar Ice Cores Ice cores are valuable entities of paleoclimate information. Atmospheric composition reconstructions and transport...

12/10 4:05 pm

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John Jaszczak

John Jaszczak left a positive review 10/9/2018

Dr. Bindi's talk was superb! It was delightful to hear about his discoveries in the context of his determination in a scientific and real-life adventure to discover natural quasicrystals and ultimately find their origins in a meteorite!

John Jaszczak

John Jaszczak posted a photo 9/11/2018

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